Housewares Coffee Vendors Welcome Copper and Cleaner Taste Preferences ♥︎

Wait wait wait, where is the honey?

How much I love honey in my coffee. Since converting from a tea drinker over time.

It feels natural to sweeten my otherwise black coffee with honey.

Consuming less sugar than agave nectar.

Sunday morning, browsing the Wired + Well segment of Home and Housewares, quite a pleasure tasting Turkish coffee tucked in a quiet corner of the Lakeside Center during the hustle and bustle.

Spoke with the producers behind Arzum Okka, a brand that took the Turkish brewing method and developed a machine based on this method. Quicker production.

Quite an experience!

Consuming Turkish coffee previously? Not quite sure I remember.

Based on this experience, vouching for the bitter taste and thick residue of finely ground sediments near the bottom!

Coffee grounds coming from Yemen, and the grounds produce a light brown color for this particular roast, that resembles the look and consistency of palm sugar finely ground.

Boiling the water from room temperature and costs the grounds, expelling a small amount of thick Turkish style coffee in espresso form. With much of the residue left in sediments, ground up into 40,000 particles compared to standard grounds processed into 4,000 particles.

Seems this machine simply mimics the process of boiling water on the stove, then adding grounds to a milk pan above the boiled water, boiling a second time, then removing the boiled Turkish coffee and pouring directly into a cup.

So I have been told, a lengthy process that requires patience. Over to Ovente, you see the copper French Press trend, similar to Bodum only a lower price point!

Surprisingly, Bodum and Bunn both seek to diminish the bitter taste of left over in the brewing of single-origin, conveying to a cleaner and less bitter taste!

Bodum focuses on manual dispensers and brewing methods, newly developing kitchenware, adding to the French Press, Pour-Over, and Chemex brewing methods.

Previously owned the French Press and Chemex, a glass hourglass-shaped cylinder with rubber center and love the new color story, Camel and nude neutrals contrast the darkness of the grounds, love how it functions with no paper filters!

Bunn developed a brewing system that holds the water warm and then only takes three minutes to brew, as opposed to 10-20 minutes for competitor systems. One of the models comes with separate cups for grounds or coffee cups, and the trade-off is no self-timer.

Tasting the single-origin Panama blend from Ipsento, I previewed a new model, better for these single-origin roasts, as it includes a replication method to mimic the same exact taste of a previous cup.

Compared to Bunn, this lovely blend of a espresso wildly expands into the sustainability scene and the technology scene!

Newly launched, a Nespresso brewing method for its espresso capsules that connects over the Internet with a mobile application, to program automatic brewing with a timer function!

Wake up to freshly brewed espresso, or send the request to your Nespresso maker when you wake up.

Brush your teeth while it brews!

Waltzing over to Dine + Decor, I noticed supplier Espro brewing espresso from Temple Roasters. Telling me about their travel press, and portable brewing system, the brewer described the cleaner and less bitter taste!

Similar to a pour over system, this yields a cleaner result while incorporating the inner French Press system within its thermos.

So much sipping and caffeine ☕️

Thank you so much to Home and Housewares and Ovente for press samples, for detailed coverage and review by Oak Lovely Beauty. 



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