Nature Black Pine Forest Pattern Yoga Mat By KESS In House ♥︎

So much room to move about, with 72″ by 24″ for my yoga poses! Scooping up my yoga mat, the curious instructor noticed pine trees. Compliments, welcome.

Of course, it’s lovely.

Of endless patterns, pine forest black spoke to me! Screamed out more so, love the natural forest nature theme!

So serene to surround with nature elements. Coming out of vinyasa on Valentine’s Day weekend felt zen, thank you to Fitness Formula.

Snugly gripped on bare floor, the light weight mat cushioned my poses. Downing the dog, folding over, and drifting into child’s pose.

KESS offers ornamental prints by artists, transposed onto household textiles like yoga mats, and yoga pants. Out of the yoga sequence, tucked the mat into satchel.

Only of concern, the slippery surface of the mat. Barre, this makes sense with rubber grip socks.

Bare feet slip between yoga poses.

Surprisingly, this yoga mat worked better for Bikram yoga. Slipping less.

Covering with a towel. Even for steamy heated yoga, quite happy with the results.

Thank you so much to KESS In House for providing a press sample for detailed review by Oak Lovely Beauty!



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