Beauty Show and Face Body Midwest Welcomes Beauty Junkies + Experts ♥︎

So lovely the new press room this showtime. Peppermint and coffee abound. Swift checking in process. Sweet jelly beans on every table. Those little things.

Seems like the Sweets convention left jellies. Loved tasting the yummy flavored with spicier notes merged with sweet. Cotton candy meets popcorn?

Some press samples, and displays of nail trends like Art Vandal pop colors. Parodi hair and body care, Peter Coppola hair care, and Truss hair care.

Shellac manicures? Not this year, browsed newly launched spa collection. Soak. Scrub. Masque. Lotion. Scent collections of floral and citrus to evoke the senses.

Parodi produces hair and body care for salon professionals and their clients. Took home the Daily and Intensive Hand Creams, and the Foot Cream from the press room.

Switzerland born, infused with spilantes, nacre, and hypericum. Wild herbs for inflammation. Supple and healing. Growing a “community of caring” with their absorbent and emollient creams!

Scones and spreads for brunch. Sola Salon, a new concept for salon owners, much like a co-working space. A new location opened in Roscoe Village.

Coming by for the press conference. Cosmetologists president toasted with media to welcome new practices for nail technicians. Up standards, up employment.

Sorry no champagne toast, only more coffee. Plus jelly beans. Back to the show floor and nail loves! So many nail techniques!

Every one of my nails transformed. Moyou nail stamps take metal stencils and rubber stamps. Imprint polish coat on stencil and stamp freely!

Dusty white feathers and a bright pink flamingo. Shellac with feathered out additives, Barbie base coat with white accents. Loving the white accents.

Shifting from warm to cold and back? This gel polish shifts jet black cold to camel warm. On to Orly, iridescent pink hybrid polish, love! And soak-off gel in buried treasure. Siren pink with speckles of buried treasure. Crocodile pattern on a dusty grey lavender by Le Chat. So much sparkle and shine.

Over to Face & Body, many familiar vendors. Some new, with a recharge station?

Coloring in flowers, hooked up my phone to the recharge station. Provided by Lira Clinical, a medical skincare line employed by estheticians for spa facials.

It’s about flowers these days, must be Spring. Supposed to be relaxing for adults to color, not sure of this sentiment. Sort of makes me more excited and nervous.

Some natural vendors throughout the show, Verb, Osmosis, Purerb, and Intelligent Nutrients. Dry shampoo. Recently tested this Verb product on my hair.

So powdery and when you push the bottle, jets out! Smells pleasant, plump and fluffs.

Of course you have seen Aveda, behold the homeopathic version: intelligent nutrients. A more treatment specific selection. Tasting nutritive oil, mimics fish oil with only natural sources: nuts and plants.

“Our roots are in beauty. Our hearts are in science.” the mission behind Intelligent Nutrients. Love it when a company merges these two cohesively.

Verb extended their line beyond shampoo, conditioner, and sea spray. Loved styling with the sea spray for a messy, textured look.

So happy to see essential oils popping up, “infused with certified organic essential oil” quite frequently. Golly me! Purerb, lovely scented lotions and potions.

Calming lotion take homes, and all-purpose balms from Farmhouse Fresh. Sweetly scented body care and facial skincare lines take the cake!

Thank you so much to Cosmetologists Association for providing press tickets and press samples for detailed review by Oak Lovely Beauty!



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