Showroom Interiors for DreamHome Media Preview at Mart Design Center ♥︎

Touring the showroom, located in the North Lobby of the Merchandise Mart Design Center felt like a lucid dream! Minimum of twelve showroom interiors employed by every room.

Function over folly. Differing slightly from the sketch with cerulean accents, the foyer room warmly invites guests in! No longer a space ship vibe coming out. Transcending into the showroom, this entry point combines Holly Hunt artwork, Maya Rubeloff wall coverings, and a baker centerpiece table!

Chandelier custom made with bulb lights to match the wall lighting pieces. White and gold glistens throughout the space. Only took the team a few weeks to put the pieces together, loving how theses textures combine and intersect. Wood themed wallpaper led the rest of the interior development.

Warm and inviting, the bold library suggests quite a statement. Drama and dimension conveyed with natural finishes and luxurious furniture. Loved the wooden sculptural chair by Holly Hunt. Seemed to be the most eclectic piece in the showroom!

Encaustic seems to have taken over! Holly Hunt showroom sourced a lovely Looney White encaustic artwork, metal blended into wax, then punctured. See through, cut-out effect. Seeing the neutral wall under the encaustic, further blends into the bedroom.

Structural and masculine, the bedroom exudes rustic elements merged with refined sophistication.

Summer living without a care in the world. Setting the seventies vibes for the sunroom! Favorite pieces: jasper pagoda lantern on the table, and a faux leather (saving the animals, sort of) zebra area rug. Cozy hidden in the nook. Hint: millennials love the white black and pink

Dining room. Table for one, reflecting an imagined table setting for the indulgent bachelor. Gold accents, black on black. Scarface, minus the blow. Two books captured my focus, “the model as muse” and “can art change the world?” Both in question, highly.

Gunmetal accent wall covering surrounds another encaustic. So much mixed media enveloped, thread, leather, paint, metallic ♥︎

“Soft presence of an intimate guest” quite suggestive of this functional dining room. So many purposes.

Parisian chic, a “joie de vivre” of the 1930s City of Lights in the living room. Piano notes for la vie en rose ♥︎

Silk layered with linen, gorgeous brown area fur rug cascading from under the piano 👽

Thank you so much to DreamHome, the Design Center of the Merchandise Mart, and Sophia and Co for a media preview tour and press tickets for the preview party, for detailed review and coverage by Oak Lovely Beauty.



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