Shower Pampering With Intelligent Nutrients Botanical Skincare ♥︎

Intelligent Nutrients, a new hybrid skincare line, focuses on the intersection of botanical elements and science to meet delicate skincare needs. Those in-between products, offered only in limited quantities by subsequent lines, are overly abundant in this product selection.

Stoked, I’m happy to discover at the recent beauty show and make this connection!

Complimenting their sister company, Aveda, this product line focuses on an even more holistic set of ingredients. I’m testing out a handful of delicious skincare, like the Harmonic Shampoo and Conditioner. Compared to the Deep Steep I’m switching over from, this shampoo smells more fresh and almost minty, not quite.

Coming out of the shower, letting my hair dry naturally, I noticed that my blonde highlights looked brighter. I’m alternating between these product lines.

It’s beneficial for your hair to switch back and forth, to prevent the scalp from becoming too accustomed to one product, and overproducing nutritive oils.

I’m taking the Destress Express, a pure essence elixir, over to yoga with me, and dabbing the oil on my inner palms plus temples. It provides a soothing and immersive aroma, yet gentle and softer than vapor and menthol scented products.

Good to have a “comfort scent” to take you back center.

This elixir comes out in small doses with a roller dispenser, with just enough for a delicate lingering scent. It softly compliments the makeup, when worn with unscented or lightly scented foundation, and gives an added touch of elegance to your makeup routine.

Primping is purely about transformation, mind, body, and soul, obviously.

Both for yoga, travel, and home, the Sanitizer spray cleans my palms, for when I’m about to apply foundation on my face, or for after using my hands to cook.

It feels better than liquid hand sanitzer and absorbs more quickly into the skin. I feel refreshed, and confident that my hands are cleaner than before! No germs!

So for my facial skincare, notably the most important, since it’s your face, hello. Your face.

I’m switching from the cleansing milk and lotion from No. 7, and over to the Anti-Aging Cleanser and Tonic Spray. I’m loving the tonic spray, that I’m conveniently spraying on after cleansing, with the Cle De Peau makeup removing, even before testing the Intelligent Nutrients cleanser.

Cleansing with the anti-aging cleanser, the consistency produces a milky cream, and compliments the tonic spray. Better for application with a moisturizer, the tonic seems to absorb slowly, perhaps it’s my skin type. I have more sensitive, combination skin, dryer in the winter, oilier in the summer.

Balanced, rarely. But sometimes.

Slowly, I phase into new skincare regimens, to keep my sensitive skin adaptive and clear of blemishes. I struggled with breakouts in months prior, and I’m so thankful to have mostly cleared them with proper care, and a consistent regimen. I urge every woman, to take proper self-care. Pro-mask-in-nate: put your skin first!

So funny, I’m sipping a cup of coffee and someone tells me it smells good, and I’m like it’s “waffle cone” flavor syrup combined with my lovely honey sweetener, it’s always the honey that makes it so tasty, Waffles remind me of spending time with my family, we love love waffling about waffles.

Thank you so much to Intelligent Nutrients for the generous press samples and information, for detailed review by Oak Lovely Beauty!




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