Summer Skincare Regimen + Facial with Omorovicza and Cocokind ♥︎

Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of participating in a few skincare events that influenced my skincare regimen! First, I joined fellow bloggers in a skincare workshop hosted by Balanced Babe and Zapwater, in lovely Fresh Thyme Farmers Market! This spot compares to my favorite grocers, Plum Market and Whole Foods, of course!

Surprisingly, Fresh Thyme offers an extensive body care and apothecary section, that provides lesser known and hard to find brands, and skincare lines! When I ended the workshop, we listened to a demonstration about how to make your own skincare at home with ingredients like matcha powder, essential oil, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar.


We composed our own masks with clay and apple cider vinegar, and dabbled with essential oils to create a body mist, while discerning how to pronounce ylang-ylang. Guests took home the ingredients to produce homemade skincare from the apothecary section, and also a gift credit to visit the store! I came back for a skincare set from Cocokind Skincare, a coconut-based line as the title suggests, and found the Cleansing Oil, Toner, Facial Serum, Eye Serum, and Matcha Face Cream.

These of course entered my skincare regimen, with the addition of a facial scrub, Dark Angels, a charcoal based finely grated scrub from Lush Cosmetics. I’m almost out at the moment, and need to take a break from this product, as it could be too abrasive for sensitive skin. Especially considering the extent to which I employ this scrub over the summer! Opened up earlier this summer, on Southport, I attended the grand opening from my home in the neighborhood, also stocking up a foot mask, bath bomb, and a face and body mask!

When I received an invite to experience a customized facial from Omorovicza, I gladly accepted. I took home a mud mask, and also a complementary concealer which I’m delighted about! This has become an essential component of my beauty routine, and quite nifty for touch-ups throughout the day (or night!).

This morning after showering, I cleansed my face with the cleansing oil from Cocokind, then followed up with a deeper cleanse with charcoal facial scrub from Lush Cosmetics. I often apply this scrub while in the shower to make it come off more gently. Scuffing off the residue with a warm towel, I then apply the mud mask from Omorovicza with my finger, brushing it on softly. Sometimes, I apply with a foundation brush if need be. Ten minutes, then rinse.

Swapping out the toner, today I applied chamomile toner from Cowshed, and following up with the day cream, from visits to the Cowshed Spa for nail appointments. Love taking home some of their products for skincare, since I have mostly experienced their body care. Once toned, serum, and then eye serum, before the day cream. If I feel dehydrated, I’ll coat my skin with the matcha coconut based lotion, or dab this on lightly on top of foundation.

Thank you so much to Zapwater and Fresh Thyme for providing the press samples, and to Omorovizca for the lovely concealer for detailed coverage and review on Oak Lovely Beauty!



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