Soul and Brunch and Flower Crowns at Soulcycle Southport ♥︎

Downed the glow juice from Suja, after such an intense cycling with Soulcycle.

On Southport, rests the third location to embrace Chicago, aside from the Old Town and Loop locations! This morning, I joined fellow bloggers, a lovely group of like-minded ladies, for a cycling class, fully equipped with a disco ball and lighting to start the morning.

Champagne flowing the night before, for the Mystic Blue boat cruise, and I still made it out of bed before 6am. Without even waking up my boyfriend.

Honey, you coming to spin with me?? Not. So, no flower crown for you?

This Suja juice replenished after my intense workout: apple, celery, cucumber, kale, collards, mint, and spinach. Yes. Of course, lots of water as well.

Such a detox this morning, my body deeply needs this! I stayed quite a minute, to craft my masterpiece, a flower crown with lots of daisies, and a few white roses here and there! Only wish I had this flower crown for Lollapalooza a few weeks prior!

Summer is not over yet, we have a few weeks left in August before it turns to snow. Only messing. I hopped over to Soulcycle, close by Lou and Grey and Lush Cosmetics on Southport, and checked in for Soul and Brunch! Shoes and smart water. I plugged my iPhone in, inside of the locker, set a code, and found my bike. Every bike handle held a silver tote with more goodies!

I took off my ice cream bar shirt, from National Ice Cream day, of course. Yes, this exists. On with the Soul and Brunch black tank and back on my seat!

It’s been a minute since I cycled, and quite a busy summer. I’m stoked to have come.

Brushed up and primped with a hint foundation, a dab lip gloss, and a dash of mascara for a light summer look!

Up to the roofdeck, I picked out flowers for the flower crown assembly, and a cup of coffee from the Goddess and Grocer. Muffin. Yum. I just nibbled a salad from their salad bar earlier this week!

Thank you so much to Soulcycle Southport for hosting this event, and to JKLS PR for the invitation, for detailed coverage by Oak Lovely Beauty!



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