Dark & Stormy meets Blush Tones at Stylemax Autumn Edition ♥︎

The fall edition of Stylemax, a quarterly fashion showcase for buyers, took place this weekend from Saturday to Tuesday at the Merchandise Mart. On the seventh floor. I just discovered this show, that the West most elevators, the Orleans elevators, service this floor. On the first day, I peeked into the sample section, looking for the Nakamol line I found during the summer show. I took home a leather-wrap bracelet with charcoal beads and came back for more!

I love finding these unique pieces at Stylemax, before they come into the marketplace. It’s both a preview, and a reflection on trends over the previous few shows. This time I picked out a soft pink bracelet, with similar multi-faceted necklaces, you can also loosely wrap them! I wore these necklaces the second day of the show, when I popped in to see the Exclusive-In segment of the show!

Loved seeing the Suki & Solaine clothing line, soft and sophisticated, yet edgy. Oddly enough, it’s based out of Chicago, and this line showcased at the recent Mario Triccoci show. I missed the show itself, and only had a chance to attend the Designer Launch this year, that took place over the summer at Chop Shop, produced by Glossed & Found, and Boldface Chicago.

The line Michele, caught my eye. Namely a soft grey outfit, I’m so into grey these days. Wait. I have been for the previous few years. It’s such a calming and neutral color, especially for the winters! I loved the black pull-overs from Social Decay, not judging this name. “Hot cocoa and hibernate” and “Scary movie night” honestly, these are too cute and so of the moment.

I feel like women now are staying young longer. Nobody is growing up, at least not quicker than necessary. It’s those same styles you wore in high school or growing up as a child that keep re-surfacing and re-purposing into the future, minus the sparkly butterfly hair clips? Those are done, I’m pretty sure. But sparkly rose gold? If classy, then yes. Hello.

S’well bottle is pretty swell. I have been looking for one of these bottles for a minute, and took home one from the “exotics” collection, the aubergine alligator print. The exotics collection suggests:

“Trust your animal instincts with the Exotic Collection, featured in a shiny high-gloss finish. Each bottle is one-of-a-kind and perfectly unique.”

Featured in Vogue, this collection highlights the following elements. It keeps beverages both cold, and warm. For coffee and hot chocolate in the winter, and prosecco in the summer, or water during hot yoga sessions. Or jumping off a cycling bike. 12 hours for warm, 24 hours for cold. Ice cubes fit inside. Fully insulated, no condensation. Eco-friendly, double-walled, durable stainless steel. Very happy with my new bottle! Thank you Stylemax!

On Saturday, I came just in time for the apple cider toast, you know because it’s apparently Autumn, and then came back to the Willow & Clay center lounge for a new Bubbles beverage from Bai. I’m kind of into this, similar to Pelligrino, perhaps a little bit sweeter. Then. I found my happy with happy socks. I took home a pair of grey socks (yes more grey) with a geometric print.

Happy Socks recently partnered with Iris Apfel, and it looks like this made a happy partnership. This collection features socks like “bunny print” and a mock-up of her personal wallpaper.

Sort of eccentric yet contemporary, with an artistic influence of course. On the second day, I came for the pop-up of Dolce, Bottled Blonde, and Mercadito, with sips of dark & stormy rum and ginger. I took the Mercadito gift card over and munched on beet-flavored shells for the month of October, for breast cancer awareness! Paired with rosé, of course, but rosé is pink for the most part!

Thank you to Stylemax for press tickets and press samples of S’well Bottle, and Happy Socks for the press samples, for detailed coverage and review by Oak Lovely Beauty!



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