Beauty and Spa Show Comes to Midwest for a Sweet Minute: Hair, Skin, Nails ♥︎

On Saturday, prior to work in the evening, I perused over to the Beauty Show, and the IECSC spa shows held at McCormick. Oddly enough, I visited four times in a week, during the home show prior, then the beauty shows. Completely different atmosphere, the home show feels clean-cut and airy, while the beauty show feels lively and vibrant, also quite opposite demographics. I love the intermix of these polar opposite climates.

I checked into the Press Room, scooped up coffee and a few press samples, then set off for the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference. This tends to be my first stop, as it’s quieter and more relaxed than the beauty show next door. I took home Pureology hydrate shampoo and conditioner, a Mizani leave-in conditioner, and an Aquage sealing spray. On the second day, I took a treatment mask and conditioner from Redken, and a styling cream from Pureology to compliment the set.

In between the show days, I took off the barbie pink hair color and washed with the Pureology set, my hair turned out shiny and very soft. It looks like I needed this hydration to soothe my “winter hair”. I tended to use the ultra-gentle collection from Oribe in the winter, the absence this winter shows. Babe hair extensions offered the cutest “babe” popcorn that looked nostalgic, and I’m quite fond of such.

This gentlemen from Amika curled my hair, with a straightener of course, and commented about the amount of hairspray in my hair, since I curled the day prior without washing. You can see the washed out barbie pink, turned into luscious curls. I have been applying self-tanner at home, the express from St. Tropez. It turned out well for about two weeks, then turned blotchy, even while I have been exfoliating with sugar scrubs, bath soaks, and a dry brush as of recently!

Luckily, I volunteered for an eco-friendly spray tan, with bronzers and a soft fragrance of desert rose, with a warm mist. The difference comes from the warmth of the heated spray, compared to cold mists in other airbrush systems. And the pleasant fragrance, rather than a chemical scent of other solutions. This evened out my faulty St. Tropez and I should be able to extend this with tanner over the next week!

I found an exciting mask concept, next door to the airbrush tanning, the OMG! Mask. Loved the cuteness of the bow-shaped hair band that comes in their mask kits, in conjunction with detox masks, microfiber masks, charcoal and kaolin clay, eye patches, peel-off masks, a mask brush, and finishing cream. Pretty much every type of mask, sort of.

I took home a few facial regimen samples from NURR, a pomegranate-infused line, for hydration, wrinkle-reduction, collagen production, anti-inflammation, and skin firming! Night cream, for enabling skin to heal itself overnight with collagen, and an anti-aging exfoliant for reducing wrinkles and evening skin tone.


Similar to the Midwest Beauty Show, I noticed a few common vendors, like the m’lis wellness system. I tasted the strawberry meal replacement powder, it tastes like a fruit smoothie and the powder tastes quite a moment to dissolve fully. The entire system promotes total body cleansing, nutrition, and weight loss. One of my favorites from the spa show, a tea vendor of course! Sahara Tea caught my eye, and loved the sweet bergamot scent of Grey’s Gift.

You had me at: custom glitter nail polish. I took home the rose gold, glitter polish that I’ll test out once I take off my current gel manicure. I lucked out this, by having my Cowshed polish updated to the Orly gel set, in the same black patent color, called Liquid Vinyl. It matches the gel and stamp on my thumb, by Color Club.

When I came back for the closing of the show, I had a nail stamp by MoYou London, incidentally in a pink flamingo pattern on black. I’m quite indulgent in this “flamingo” theme, it’s taking over! On the closing day, I dusted my hair with more barbie pink temporary color spray by Joico, by the stylist this time! He sprayed individual strands to mimic pink highlights then the ends to mimic ombre. Per my request, of course.

I had my hair curled by a stylist at Joya Mia, that mentioned this color rubbed off and felt a bit stiff, but once curled my hair felt softer and the curls look lovely with the barbie pink accents! I’m loving this tan from Saturday, it wears well, and should last through the week, before I spray more of my St. Tropez tanner at home!

Thank you to the beauty show and spa show for press tickets, and to Pureology, Redken, Mizani and Aquage for press samples, and to Orly and Color Club for my gel manicure, and to the spa show for my spray tan, for detailed review and coverage by Oak Lovely Beauty!



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