Summer Skincare and Makeup Routine with Makeup Show Preview Kit ♥︎

From the beginning of summer, I have been applying the Blue Mercury house skincare line, M61 for my home facial routine. I have since incorporated products from the Makeup Show press preview, into both my skincare and makeup, of course! I’m cleansing my skin with a makeup remover, from Biolage mostly for evening facials, but often in the morning if I have makeup residue left from the night before.

Cotton ball and swiping under and above my eyes, over my cheeks and neck. I took home a very emollient makeup remover, from the makeup studio at newly opened Whole Foods Market in the Roscoe Village neighborhood on my way to the burger fest. This emollient cream reminds me of Vaseline, only a more luxurious version, or perhaps the hot cloth cleanser from Eve Lom. Both very saturated and rich, more for dryer skin or winter skin. But this works wonder in conjunction with a water-based makeup remover or cleanser depending on the consistency and texture of the makeup you are taking off!

Once my makeup is off, cleaning with power cleanse, sometimes whilst in the shower. It’s just lovely, slightly astringent so I’m left feeling like I have deeply cleansed, but not overly drying. Lots of cleansing during my facials, very cathartic. My homemade rose water toner, I replaced in the Cowshed toner spray bottle. I steeped rose petals, from the pink roses I would buy for my job. This turned out to be convenient, as the rose water toner is so simple to brew, lasts such a long time.

Serum first, dabbed into the skin and penetrated deeper with a facial massager, on the warm setting. I dab line reducer serum on my forehead, cheeks, and neck, any spots that show fine lines forming, then drops of eye serum under the eyes and above. I might start with the facial massager around the eyes to push the eye cream further. Lighter creams & serums first, then a day cream. and I’m still applying the coconut based. In a preventative step, I dab tea tree oil under the creams.

Oh my goodness, I nearly forget the modified products, the apricot based clay mask from Georgette Klinger. I took this home from the makeup press preview, along with the acne drying lotion from Mario Badescu, I’m not making much use of this yet. It’s a spot treatment you only apply in the evening, and perhaps since most of my facials are morning, I’m less likely to apply evening products. This clay mask I’m alternating with the charcoal mask.

For my makeup, once I’m cleansed and prepped. I’m forming a brightened palette with the neutralizer creams, like the bright pink under eyes and over blemishes to conceal. This is a functional concealer. Brushing on a cream foundation, with a blender sponge, then brushing on setting powder. I’m brushing setting powder before and after. Then a blush, strobing powder, an iridescent pearl over cheeks & neck.

I’m often forming a monochromatic look, with a nude pink lip, like fair play from Smashbox, or cava from Bite for a dimmer peppery color. If I’m opting for a paler lip, then more pink blush on the high cheekbones, and on eyelids dabbed over pale pink eye shadow. With a thin black liner. Filling in brows with the city proper eye shadow palette, mixing both light and medium brown shadows. Eyelashes are optional, but from the makeup show I took home the House of Lashes and they lasted several weeks. I’m pursuing a more natural look recently, however if applying eyelashes, I suggest the grey/black lash adhesive that has become ever so popular. It’s less noticeable and blends better into a black liquid eyeliner, and seems to stick better.

Some setting powder dusted, and a touch of gloss on lips, iridescent, it’s about pearls & metallic this summer, as we move through the summer of twenty seventeen, we are setting into the future.

Thank you so much to the media behind Blue Mercury, skincare and makeup lines for press samples, and contributors of the Makeup Show, and sponsors from the adjacent events, for detailed coverage and review by Oak Lovely Beauty.




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