Inventive Lifestyle Concepts From Home + Housewares Twenty Seventeen ♥︎

These lifestyle concepts shown during the recent Home and Housewares Convention held at McCormick are conveniently adapted to suit the contemporary “city girl” lifestyle. One of the most upgraded concepts, a Flint lint roller caught me by surprise. As such a minuscule item, unnoticed by most can now be a stylish accessory.

When products are convenient, mobile, and aesthetically pleasing, they are likely to be used more. And enjoyed more. I keep mind on my nightstand. And depending on which purse I’m using, at times bring it with. This champagne color is on trend for the coming summer. Especially for the lots of black in my closet, this is lovely to de-lint my darker wardrobe components. You de-lint like with a conventional roller, then rip off the sheet and put the roller back. The paper is higher quality than most, and its nice to tear off individual sheets like a paper towel.

I’m loving this pastel pink water purifier, similar to a Mavea or a Brita water pitcher, this Better Water Solutions operates similarly. It’s supposed to infuse purifier water with magnesium, and for my purposes is purely aesthetic. I’m kind of over-due for a new filter, as the top of the screen tells you the amount of uses, and when the number exceeds the amount of uses per filter. Recently, I infused my water with sliced baby cucumbers. Between moving residences and lots of movement in my personal life, it’s been very useful out of the items I took home from the show.

Wind pouch, sadly, I have yet to open as I have been busy, much this summer. Only out to the beach a few times, and now back to busy. However, I love the aqua color and convenience of transport. It comes with a nifty duffle, but the only concern is putting back the pouch, once you take it out of the duffle.

This purse light, by German manufacturer sol purse light, went from my night stand, lighting up by touch, in lieu of a bedside candle or lamp. Compared to falling into my purse, or my nifty bag from the recent design show. Who knew felt could be so chic?  ♥︎

I took home the mini version, for small purses but it works with both small and larger totes. Mine is about 2 inches wide! It lights up so quickly, but sometimes it lights up without notice, if your purses items touch. I’m must surprised to see skincare lines at the home show, this seemingly obvious home product segment, has countless shows in lieu of the home show itself. Treets, a natural body and skincare line, is scented, with combinations of coconut, rose, and frangipani. My favorite, the scrub of course, with its sweet scent and granules, that add to the floral and tropical experience, making a shower feel more like a spa.

Thank you so much to Home and Housewares, Flint, Better Water Solutions, Sol Light, Wind Pouch, Treets Traditons, and Aladdin Water Bottles for the generous press samples, for detailed review and coverage by Oak Lovely Beauty.



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